Denman/Hornby Islands and the Homelessness Referendum

Why were Denman and Hornby not included in the referendum on homelessness?

The Islands were not included in the Comox Valley Regional District Homelessness Referendum so that each of the Islands could craft a response to the homelessness issue that would ensure that the homelessness risks specific to their Island were also addressed. It was not clear to me, given the proposed service was Valley Wide, that the Islandís needs would be met by the proposed service.

How do we move forward?

Each of the Islands has a number of initiatives that are working on various aspects of this issue. Discussions have been had both within various smaller groups and at larger fora. The next step is for these groups to have some exchanges and to potentially agree to a preliminary approach. I would like to meet with these groups on each of the islands in the Spring 2016.

Possible Service Delivery Model?

Currently a number of CVRD services are delivered to the Islands using a contractual arrangement with an Island based non-profit. Examples of non-profits with these arrangements include DIRA, HIRRA, HICEEC, and Denman Works!. This keeps administration to a minimum and allows more local participation in how funds are used. I envision a similar model for a potential Island based approach to homelessness.